Tactical Survival School Arizona

304633_473532716003795_420261388_nSpecial Operation Training Services was founded by former and current members of the US Special Operations Community. We are disabled veteran owned and operated. Our SMEs(subject matter experts) have served in Marine Recon, MARSOC, Navy SEALs, Army SF(Green Berets), Army Rangers, and other special operations units. Our medical SMEs are graduates of the Navy’s Field Medical Service School and the Army’s elite 18 Delta School. All our instructors have recent combat experience and are adept with the latest tactics. Many of our instructors are still serving on active duty in various elite units.

We specialize in tactical medicine, CQB, MOUT, and various firearm courses. Our services are not only beneficial for those who carry a weapon for a living, but also for the private citizen. We also provide guided hunts as part of our Tactical Hunter Course.

Our goal is to provide you high level training at an affordable price.

Our motto and core value is “VICTORIA PER PARATUS”(Victory thru Preparation).

All cancellations for attendance require a minimum of 10 business days notice for full refunds. After that the deposit or course fee is forfeited.
A percentage of all out instructional fees will be donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.


SOTS provides high level tactical training for military, federal agencies, and civilians. We provide a full complement of qualified Subject Matter Experts with recent combat experience. Our best value services and competitive pricing provides a great training alternative that will meet all your mission requirements. We can accommodate most training requirements for your group, please feel free to contact us.



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