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Long Range Hunter

This 2day course will prepare the hunter take down his game from up to 800 yards away with confidence. We will teach to prospective marksman proper shooting fundamentals, basic ballistics, proper ranging techniques, and game identification/scoring techniques at long distance. The course is a utilizes a combination of in class training, range time, and the opportunity to shoot in realistic hunting condition. This course will allow shooters of all ages to increase their chances of harvesting that trophy of a lifetime.  Taught in the mountains of Northern Arizona this Course will provide opportunities to view game such as Mule Deer, Coues Deer, Elk, Javelina, Bear, and Mountain Lion.


Topics covered in the course include:

  • Basic shooting fundamentals
  • Proper use and optimization of your shooting weapons system- choosing the appropriate weapons system for the desired game animal
  • Basic Ranging Techniques
  • Ballistics- Drop and Wind calls
  • Cross Canyon Shooting
  • High Angled shooting
  • Rapid Target Engagement
  • Glassing Game with Binoculars and Spotting Scopes
  • Game Identification and Scoring
  • Guided hunts can also be provided at an additional fee.

Cost: $400.00 per person.

Law Enforcement/Military Cost: $350.00
Location & Dates:

Date by Request
Flagstaff, AZ


-Center fire Rifle .223Rem or greater caliber (.308 recommended) with a 9x scope or greater(mildot scope recommended).

-120 Rounds of Rifle Ammo (Match Ammo Highly Recommended).

-Binos and/or spotting scope

-Range finder

-Hunting or Tactical Knife

-Tactical Flashlight or Headlamp

-Foul weather clothing

-All other Equipment will be provided by SOTS

To register please contact us at SOTSinfo@gmail.com