Sniper/Long Range Marksman


216225_5301131379_1361_nIntroduction to Long Range Marksmanship

This 3day or 5day course will prepare the novice and advanced shooters to engage with targets up to 1600 yards away with confidence(2000yds for 5 day course). We will teach to prospective marksman proper shooting fundamentals, basic ballistics, proper ranging techniques, and wind reading techniques. The course is a utilizes a combination of in class training, range time, and the opportunity to shoot in realistic conditions. Topics covered in the course include:

  • Basic shooting fundamentals
  • Proper setup, use, and optimization of your shooting weapons system
  • Basic Ranging Techniques
  • Ballistics
  • Dope and Wind calls
  • Cross Canyon Shooting
  • High Angled shooting
  • Rapid Target Engagement
  • Advanced Ranging Techniques (5-Day Course)
  • Fieldcraft- stalking, hides construction, and Ghillie Suit Setup(Counter Sniper Course)
  • Counter Sniper Techniques (Counter Sniper Course)


3-Day $600.00 per person.

5-Day $1000 per person

Counter Sniper 2-Day $500 per person

7Day Complete Long Range Course with Counter Sniper $1400

Law Enforcement/Military Discounts Available
Location & Dates:

Dates per Request
Flagstaff, AZ


-Large Caliber Centerfire Rifle (.308 or larger recommended) capable of sub MOA performance with a 9x scope or greater(mildot scope recommended). Rental Weapons are available.

-250 Rounds of Rifle Ammo (3-Day) Match Ammo Highly Recommended. 500 rds match ammo (5Day).

-Binos and/or spotting scope 40x are stronger

-Range finder

-Hunting or Tactical Knife

-Tactical Flashlight or Headlamp

-Foul weather clothing

-All other Equipment will be provided by SOTS

To register please contact us at


-50% payment required to book, full payment due 5 business days prior to course.

-All cancellations/refunds require a 7 business day notification for full refund. No refunds after this grace period. Course payments after this period can be used for future courses.