Tactical Firearms


Level 1: Introduction to Surgical Shooting

Course Description

This 2-Day course is basic level course designed to give the novice/intermediate shooter the proper Handgun/Rifle fundamentals that will lead to the development of surgical shooting. The goal of this course is to convert the novice shooter to an intermediate/advance shooting level above that of most US military and police operators in a very short time. We do not make this claim lightly and guarantee our results as long as you come with an open mind and a good attitude. This is an off the grid style course. We will be training and moving through the back country. It is recommended that all attendees bring outdoor gear. Training ratio will always be 1 instructor to 2-3 students. We will train 8 hours on day one and 6 hours(4 hours for final review and 2 hours to conduct the SOTG-style shooting qualification) on day 2.

• Combat Mindset
• Proper gear selection and placement
• Shooting stance
• The draw from open and concealed carry positions
• Proper grip, sight alignment, sight picture
• Trigger control
• Speed tactical reloads
• Weapons and malfunctions drills
• Strong and weak hand shooting
• Shooting on the move
• Engagement of multiple targets
• Use of Cover
• Low Light/night engagement
• Unconventional shooting positions
• Shooting from Vehicles
• Weapon Transitions
• Marine Corps Special Operations Training Group Shooting Qual course.

Required Equipment

A semi-auto handgun chambered in 9mm, .40 cal, or .45 ACP. Carbine chambered in 5.56/.223 through 7.62/.308, Rental weapons are available. Each student should have a minimum of 3 working magazines for each weapon system.

600 rounds of rifle ammunition are required. 1200 recommended.
300 rounds of pistol ammunition are required. 600 recommended.

• Ear pro (electronic preferred)
• Eye pro, (Clear lenses for night shoots)
• Flashlight or weapon mounted light
• Concealed carry holster(mandatory) AND Drop leg holster(optional/recommended) along with appropriate magazine pouches
• Note taking equipment
• Tools to work on your weapon
• Weapons cleaning kit and lube
• Water hydrating device
• Knee and elbow pads (optional)
• Chest Rig(optional)
• Gloves (optional)
• Body Armor(optional/recommended)
• Insect Repellent (optional)
• Foul weather gear and clothing for 2 days
• Food and water for 2 days


$450 per new member

$300 per surgical shooting alumni

$50 weapons rental fee


Please contact us for specific costs and dates at SOTSinfo@gmail.com

Location & Dates: Sep 27-28th, 2019
Level I
Flagstaff, AZ

Instructors: Carlos R. and Victor C.



-50% payment required to book, full payment due 5 business days prior to course.

-All cancellations/refunds require a 7 business day notification for full refund. No refunds after this grace period. Course payments after this period can be used for future courses.