Urban Survival/Basic Reconnaissance


This is a two day course that focuses on Urban Survival in a post disaster scenario. We put together the course using the expertise of survivors of civil wars in Bosnia, Guatemala, and El Salvador, natural disasters including Katrina and South East Asia Tsunami, and Special Operations combat veterans. All techniques taught during the SOTS Urban Survival Course based on Special Operations techniques, SERE principals, MOUT, and the experience of war survivors. This is meant as a follow-up/companion course to the Disaster medicine class we teach. Topics to be covered include:

-Shelter Creation and Scouting
-Urban Shelter Defense and road blocks
-Basic Patrolling and Ambush Skills
-Vehicle movement and patrolling
-Vehicle Appropriation (hot wiring), commandeering, and Basic Repair
-Resource appropriation
-Water Purification
-Basic energy creation/intro to solar and dynamic power.
-Urban Reconnaissance
-Basic area infiltration and evasion
-Combat Profiling

Cost: $300.00 per person.
Law Enforcement/Military Cost: $275.00
This course qualifies for free family member program.

Location & Dates:

Dates per Request
Flagstaff, AZ

-Hunting or Tactical Knife
-Notetaking Equipment
-Tactical Flashlight or Headlamp
-Foul weather clothing
-Rifle with optics and Pistol with appropriate holster, slings, and magazines.
-100 rifle and 100 pistol rounds minimum.
-Binoculars (spotting scope recommended but not required).
-Rental weapons are available.

To sign up please email: ReconDoc242@gmail.com