Wilderness Survival Mountain/Desert Combo

This 4-Day course is designed to provide the student with an overview of survival in extreme environments without the use of advanced equipment. It is designed to teach the student how to survive the critical first 3-Days in the wilderness. We will focus on teaching you what basic gear that you need, survival priorities, and proper mindset. We will teach essential skills like building a fire, making a life-saving shelter, purifying water, navigation, hygiene, trapping/hunting, and wild edibles. Our course runs Friday through Monday taking place in the mountains of Flagstaff and the high desert of the near the Navajo reservation. By changing training environments after 2days, we are able constantly challenge the student and replicate the stress of a true survival situation while still allowing responsible oversight that ensures safety and nurtures learning.

Covered skills include:

  • Shelter site selection
  • Shelter Construction
  • Location and Purification of Water
  • Fire Creation utilizing primitive and modern methods
  • Tool Making
  • Land Navigation
  • Animal Tracking, Hunting, and Trapping
  • Field dressing(Gutting, skinning, and butchering) game animals
  • Obtaining alternative food items

Required Equipment

• Cold weather gear/Foul weather gear and clothing for 2 days
• Knife
• Flashlight
• Food and water for 2 days
• Sleeping bag(optional)
• small caliber rifle (optional)
• Bow (optional)
• AZ hunting license and tags is available


$500.00 per person.
Law Enforcement/Military Cost: $450.00

Location & Dates:

Dates per Request
Level I
Flagstaff, AZ